“I strive to explore the connection between the vastness of the inner self to what is beyond. This leads me down the path of mystery and wonder, where clear cut explanations falter and what is reasonable appears shortsighted.

Just as words start with letters, the building-blocks of my visual language come from the stuff of man’s creation and the things of the natural world, such as architecture, and devices, and plants, and water.

The mashing together of subject matter then begins. This can take weeks, months, or years, before the idea is finally right, and other times it comes in a flash and nothing needs to be added or taken away.

In the end it comes down to cajoling pigment with the consistency of room temperature butter across the expanse of a panel, trusting that what the painting is transcends what it is made of.”

Brady Allen was born in southern Idaho, and as a teenager had lived in more small towns than years he had been alive. This instilled in him an independent spirit that took him on his own path, even if the path turned out to be the long way around.

Drawing stuck with him from an early age, but with art instruction being nonexistent in the small communities, he didn’t receive any formal instruction in art until high school when his family moved to Salt Lake City. But the art classes didn’t provide a focus and lacked the seriousness that Brady instinctively craved, and so he was left to his own whims to discover his path to art.

After high school and without guidance Brady found himself working various jobs and fitting in painting and drawing time when he could. But then a chance reading in a book where the author described how the worst hour spent at his craft was better than doing anything else, seemed to explode in Brady’s mind. The dream that he had thought buried, rushed up like a tidal wave.

Determined to succeed, and recognizing that he needed more personal instruction, Brady signed up for art classes at the local community college. Providence was on his side as his first instructor had just returned from the Florence Academy of Art in Italy and infused Brady with the want to achieve excellence in his own art.

Brady dedicated every waking hour over the next several years to hone his abilities and develop his own vision.

He found that taking the long way around was a hidden treasure of experience and that might have been the best path of all.

Brady is represented by Montgomery Lee Fine Art.

Awards and Shows
  • April 20, 2014 90th Annual Spring Salon, Springville Museum of Art
  • April 20, 2013 89th Annual Spring Salon, Springville Museum of Art
  • April 20, 2011 87th Annual Spring Salon, Springville Museum of Art
  • April 5, 2011 President's Choice Award, SLCC Art Showcase
  • April 5, 2011 Excellence in Oil Painting, SLCC Art Showcase