Internecine Accepted to 90th Springville Museum Spring Salon

I just found out that my latest painting Internecine was accepted to the 90th Springville Spring Salon, a juried art competition open to all Utah artists. They announce awards on the 23rd of April, next Wednesday, so I won’t know until then if I won anything.

Internecine 32×48 inches Oil Painting by Brady Allen

I included this statement with my entry which I think helps explain some of the thoughts I had about Internecine while I was painting it.

“The dictionary defines internecine as conflict within a group. In addition, I see it as a struggle within a person to try to deal with outside pressures. For me, the painting also shows how we are bound by the choices we make, and our instincts to break away from the consequences of those choices.”

Of course the beauty of visual art is that whatever anyone gets out of it, no matter how different, is just as valid as anything I might have intended.

Leonardo DaVinci Was a Loser and Why it Should Make You Happy

Leonardo DaVinci is held up as the genius of the renaissance but you might be surprised to learn that for a large chunk of his career he was also considered a renaissance loser. These two short videos on Vimeo from give some brief thoughts on why being a loser isn’t as bad as it sounds, and can even lead to genius.

The Long Game Part 1: Why Leonardo DaVinci was no genius from Delve on Vimeo.

The Long Game Part 2: the missing chapter from Delve on Vimeo.