New Still Life Oil Painting by Brady Allen

It’s been a little while since I painted a still life, and I realized that I missed the quiet joy of looking at an arrangement and just thinking about how you are going to represent it in paint. I originally had a Granny Smith apple and a Jonagold apple, but I thought the red and green were fighting for attention, so I switched out the Jonagold for another Granny Smith and that made the arrangement come alive.
Granny Knot In Progress oil painting byBrady Allen

Granny Knot in progress #1 by Brady Allen
This shows the blocking in of the lights, shadows, and general shapes to see how everything was working.

Granny Knot in progress #2 by Brady Allen
At this point I switched over to work on the apples before the heat of the day started them down the path of no return.

Granny Knot in progress #3 by Brady Allen
After the apples were done I worked on the strip of cloth tied around the upper Granny Smith before going back to capture the stoneware mustard jar it was sitting on. This is one of the first paintings I’ve extensively used Rublev paint’s lead white. I think I am beginning to really like it!

Granny Knot 11×14″ oil painting by Brady Allen
The final image shows everything done, with the final touches on the wood grain and the subtle reflections on the top plank.

Granny Knot is available at the Montgomery Lee Fine Art gallery in Park City.