Art Renewal Center Results for 2011 – 2012 Salon

The Art Renewal Center just posted the results of their annual art salon Thomas Reis won Best of Show for Amelie and painter of manly things, David Gluck won the William Bouguereau award for his painting The Trapper.

ARC is also adding an Imaginative Realism category for the 2013 Salon!

Check out the rest of the winners and finalists at the main ARC Salon 2011/2012 page.

Quilts and Paintings at the Museum

Hubble Quilt by Anna Munoz
Quilt by Anna Munoz (Sorry I forgot the title.)

I never thought I would be saying this, but there are some cool quilts.

The Springville Museum of Art is having their yearly quilt show and I have to say that I was amazed at the quality and variety. I was down there to pick up my painting from the Spring Salon, and to look at some of the paintings. I wasn’t expecting to be thoroughly engrossed by quilts.

I’ve spent my life mostly ignoring quilts, but now I can see that they transcend craft and are art in their own right. Some people are probably thinking, Duh! But it wasn’t until this show that I truly appreciated quilts.

The quilt above by Anna Munoz was inspired by a Hubble Telescope photograph. She Started with white cloth and used the batik method using wax resist and multiple batches of dye to end up with this superb quilt.

Quilt Show at Springville Museum of Art

This room had particularly colorful quilts and alone would have been worth going to the museum to see.

Red Fish quilt by Cathy Porter
Red Fish quilt by Cathy Porter

The quilt Red Fish by Cathy Porter jumped out at me with bright reds and shiny bits all over it as I turned the corner down the hallway off the main exhibition area. The photo really doesn’t do it justice. There was a red dot on the title card meaning someone had purchased it. The asking price was $200. I don’t know the demand for art quilts, but all of the prices seemed low in my opinion for the work that must have been put into them.

Valley of the Virgin by Jim Floyd Jones
Valley of the Virgin by Jim Floyd Jones

I saw a documentary on Jim Floyd Jones, or Jimmy Jones as they called him, and thought his landscape paintings were very interesting. I was saddened when at the end of the documentary they said he died just a few years ago, I think it was in 2007. So, I was excited to see one of his paintings down in the basement, in what is called the children’s gallery. In the documentary Jimmy Jones said that he avoided painting clouds for the first decade or so of his career since he was intimidated by them, but you see by the end that he had made them one of his main subjects.

Signs of Spring by Kirk Larsen
Signs of Spring by Kirk Larsen

Some of the paintings from the Spring Salon were still on the walls of the second story. It was kind of sad to see all the empty space, but also interesting since it highlighted the few works left. Signs of Spring by Kirk Larsen caught my eye and I was impressed by the handling of the paint and the sense of light.

There are some other gems at the museum like a John F. Carlson who wrote the accepted bible on landscape painting, and a Frederich Waugh, probably America’s best sea scape painter ever. These will have to wait for next time as I’m sure I’ll be back.

Catalogs Now Available for Spring Salon

Catalogs for the Spring Salon exhibit are now available at the Springville Museum.

Murphy's Wholesale Something, Something, Something oil painting by Santiago Michalek

One of my favorite paintings was Murphy’s Wholesale Something, Something, Something by Santiago Michalek of Provo, Utah. He was the only artist that I saw who got both of his paintings accepted to the show.

If you haven’t gone to the show yet, I recommend you go before it closes July 3rd 2011. The short drive, about 30 minutes from Salt Lake City, is more than worth it just to see what artists in the state have been up to.

And pick up a catalog while you are there. It’s a great reference for Utah artists!

Painting accepted to Springville Museum Spring Salon

Still Life with Yam Garlic and Acorns by Brady Allen
Still Life with Yam Garlic and Acorns by Brady Allen

I just found out my painting Still Life with Yam, Garlic, and Acorns was accepted to the 87th annual Spring Salon at the Springville Museum of fine art.

This is a statewide juried exhibit with only 252 entries out of 1008 accepted.

I am excited and honored that I will be a part of this year’s show!

The show starts this Friday April 22nd, and goes until July 3rd 2011.

I hope you all go an see it if you can!

Springville Museum of Art Spring Salon