Kashmir: The Illustration

Colored pencil illustration of the song Kashmir by Led Zeppelin

This is my take on the song Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. I used Polychromos colored pencils by Faber-Castell plus a white Rembrandt soft pastel for the highlight on the helmet. It’s done on some old black paper I had. I think it is Strathmore, and I don’t think they make it any more.

I’ve never been fond of colored pencils, they always seem to take too long to get what you want. I also don’t like the limitation of the amount of color the paper will accept; I always find areas that I want to add the final touch to but nothing happens when you try to lay the color down.

I found the range of values I had available to be much smaller than with oils because of the transparency of the pigments. I did like the non-waxy feel to the color and it doesn’t leave that shiny effect in heavily built up areas that other colored pencils often do. And even though I don’t like the limitation of the amount of layers, it seemed that these allowed you to have a few more layers than typical pencils. And I found that the Polychromos Pencils allowed erasing more than others as well.

This wasn’t too horrible of an experience, and I do like the Polychromos Pencils, even if they are a little too transparent on black paper preventing a high degree of saturation. I don’t think I’m going to be making this my main medium anytime soon, but it was fun while I was doing it.