Does Rancid Oil Effect Oil Paint?

I’ve had a question about using rancid oil in painting for a while now and yesterday’s post made me think of it again.

I know that rancid oil is not good for food as it tastes bad and has lost most of its nutritional value, but I didn’t know how or if it would damage oil paint. I’ve never used rancid oil paint but I had read in other articles and talked with other artists who always caution against it, especially since I use walnut oil and it goes rancid faster than linseed oil.

I looked up rancid oil but it was all concerned with food and not with oil paint, then I remembered (Which is awesome!) is a website dedicated to unbiased facts about art materials and luckily someone had already asked the question. Coincidentally it was answered by Virgil Elliott, and his comment was backed up by an Amien staff member.

Basically rancidity does not adversely effect oil paint. The only caution was to not use oil that had already begun to harden as it will lower the adhesion quality of the oil. rancid oil response
(About 4 posts down.)

Virgil Elliott