Pulling: New Oil Painting Work In Progress

I thought I’d share some work in progress shots of Pulling, a new oil painting currently on my easel. This is one of those paintings where the title and idea came together at the same time.

Pulling (work in progress) oil painting by Brady Allen
Pulling beginning stages. Oil painting by Brady Allen.

I asked, Billy, a friend from college to model for me. He’s an awesome guy and seemed eager to help me out, even when I asked him to take his shirt off.

This was his first time modeling. I love the intense expression on his face and how he really got into it.

Pulling (work in progress 2) oil painting by Brady Allen
Pulling Working on the sky. Oil painting by Brady Allen.

The idea for the sky sprung from my habit of standing outside and watching storms roll by. I wanted it to follow the rightward thrust of Billy’s pose and reinforce the internal determination in a dynamic way.

It was also a good opportunity for the strategic placement of lighter clouds to help lead the eye to the focal point.

Pulling (work in progress 3) oil painting by Brady Allen
Pulling Coloring in the concrete. Oil painting by Brady Allen.

In this last photo I am working on getting the lighting on the broken concrete slabs to look the way I envisioned it.

I am also playing around with the texture of the paint and brush strokes. I want to see how unspecific I can make each stroke and still have the overall form look correct.

This is unusual for me, but a little experimentation keeps things fun.