Leonardo DaVinci Was a Loser and Why it Should Make You Happy

Leonardo DaVinci is held up as the genius of the renaissance but you might be surprised to learn that for a large chunk of his career he was also considered a renaissance loser. These two short videos on Vimeo from Delve.tv give some brief thoughts on why being a loser isn’t as bad as it sounds, and can even lead to genius.

The Long Game Part 1: Why Leonardo DaVinci was no genius from Delve on Vimeo.

The Long Game Part 2: the missing chapter from Delve on Vimeo.

Antiques Roadshow Shocks a Man With New Information About His Painting

On the BBC show Antiques Roadshow a man shows up with a copy of a painting by official war artist William Orpen painted during WWI. The painting turns out to be far more interesting and valuable than even the appraiser realized.

I love this story about the artist William Orpen and how his painting The Spy caused court marshal proceedings against him, and how he got out of them. Please read the full story on Mathew Innis’s blog Underpaintings.

American Painting Video Magazine is Now Free!

American Painting Video Magazine is a great place to b be introduced to and learn about today’s realist painters, and now it will be free to watch until the next issue.

American Painting Video Magazine spring issue video still

At $10, past issues were a great bargain, and issues can still be downloaded for the same price, but now that the magazine is free I am excited that a lot more people will be introduced to the new tradition of realist painting.

American Painting Video Magazine spring issue video still 1

The spring issue is now up, so go enjoy!