Fasting From Art: Update

It’s been almost three days since I’ve started my art fast.

I say almost because while I was looking up the URL’s in my last post there happened to be some pictures of paintings that caught my eye and before I knew it I was wandering off to enjoy the goodies.

And last night I was working through a composition and thought I would just go look at one of my art books to see how other artists handled it. Luckily I had misplaced the book I wanted and had enough time to remember my art fast.

As you can tell, I am finding it harder than I thought to not look at art. I am realizing how much art is a part of my daily life, and how art helps calm me down when I am agitated, or helps lift my mood.

And I am also wondering if art has become a bit of a crutch when it comes to finding my way out of my own artistic conundrums.

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