Fasting From Art

I’ve decided to go on an art fast.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about ever since I read an interview with Jeremy Geddes where he stated that he doesn’t look at other people’s art anymore as he thinks it influences him or he might find that his ideas have already been done.

Recently this idea was reinforced by the article Muddying the Waters: Let the River Flow by Luann Udell where she had a conversation with an unnamed artist who said a similar thing.

For me, the pull to follow the style and ideas of other artist’s work is stronger than usual right now. It has taken me to the point where it is hard for me to separate my path from others.

So, I have decided to experiment by not looking at any visual art, other than my own, for the next week.

The goal is to help me realign, or become more tuned in to my own muse again.

And who knows, it might become something I do all the time.

Jeremy Geddes website.
Muddying the Waters: Let the River Flow

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